Client Information In The Field

ProbeSmart™ touch field tablets or smart phones app  allow probation officers in the  field to access client records, prioritized by need,  whenever and wherever they are.

ProbeSmart™ is the first to deliver live client information to the Probation Officer in the field to manage their day on a mobile tablet or smart phone. 

Meaningful Client Information

Clients, prioritized by those that need attention, are listed on the left hand column with New Clients at the top.   If they violate their terms of release, it appears in RED with an alert message such as: Exclusion Zone Violation, Failed Drug Test, Curfew Violation, or Notice of Arrest.

To  View A Client

To view a client, an officer touches the “VIEW INFO” button. An enlarged photo of the client appears along with Action Plan, Current Stage, and Restitution Progress bars. This view also includes: Name, Risk Level, Last Contact and Next Meeting Agenda.

For case file information an officer presses the “CASE FILE” button. Previous notes may be reviewed and new notes can be added.

ProbeSmart™ Mapping

ProbeSmart™ Mapping provides client home or current GPS location. Through a court order a client’s cellphone can be pinged and its location positioned on the map. Officers can use the map to plan the best route to visit multiple client’s.

Other Features

Other features include a Camera to add photos to a file, a Calendar to schedule appointments, and a Community Resource Guide that lists organizations by category of assistance, a description of services and contact information.

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