Technology Grants Offered to Probation and Parole Departments

GPT_smartphone_webYour probation or parole department can participate in a pilot program to provide live information on clients over smart phones to officers in the field.

Grant are awarded to get you this actionable information anytime, anywhere to be installed on your officers’ smart phones  or tablets.

It will demonstrate the value mobile technology provides to more effectively manage probationers and parolees, while reducing risk to the community.

Registration for the 120 day (four month) program is being offered without cost or obligation. It is open for registration just for the coming 30 days.

Registration ends on May 31, 2013 or until 10 grant programs are awarded.

It is not contingent on future purchases.

If you act quickly, you can apply for one of the 10 grant programs we’re offering.

Here’s What Your Department Receives

You’ll install our applications on your officers smart phones or tablets to provide actionable information in the field to monitor and manage probationers or parolees.

The 120-day pilot program includes:

Setup, training and systems support for up to 10 officers.

Integration of your department’s current digital data feeds that may include:

  • Case management
  • GPS
  • Toxicology reports
  • Conditions of release
  • Arrest reports
  • Risk Assessment

Client information on Officers’ Smart Phones or Tablets Includes:

Access anytime, anywhere

Such as exclusion zone, curfew violation, failed drug test, missed court hearing, notice of arrest or other alert.

Calendar activities around high-risk clients.

Home, GPS, cell phone, quickest route to client.

Description and contact information.

Important Information

The pilot program is without risk or obligation. Participation is not contingent on future purchases.

You will be asked to evaluate the system and provide meaningful feedback.

View A 3-Minute Video On The Advanced Technology Your Department Will Use:

If you are interested, please apply quickly since only 10 pilot programs are available.