[heading style=”1″]Myth Dispelled: The Council of State Governments Reports That Supervised Probationers are Not the Biggest Crime Drivers in California[/heading]

A report was released by the Council of State Governments Justice Center on January 22, 2013. The study was made to dispel the speculations that has been going around among corrections and law enforcement officials everywhere – on a per arrest basis, how much do probationers and parolees really contribute to crime? A press release was put out by the Chief Probation Officers of California (CPOC) on their website.

The report and recommendations affirms the importance of enhanced training, communicating, and partnering between law enforcement and probation. As the report points out – To be successful in providing public safety in our communities training and collaboration is imperative in today’s criminal justice system.



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The CSG Justice Center report entitled The Impact of Probation and Parole Populations on Arrests in Four California Cities can be viewed on this link.




[heading style=”2″]Addressing the Growing Issue of Population Buildup in Federal Prisons[/heading]


An issue in the US Congress today is how to address the unprecedented population growth in federal prisons. One of the solutions being considered is one similar to California prison’s AB 109, also referred to as Public Safety Realignment, that mandates the large-scale release of inmates to decrease the volume of low-level prisoners in the state’s 33 penitentiaries.



An issue before Congress is whether policymakers consider the rate of growth in the federal prison population sustainable, and if not, what changes could be made to federal criminal justice policy to reduce the prison population while maintaining public safety.



In its website, the National Institute of Corrections  has published an excerpt from a report made by Nathan James of the Congressional Research Service for policymakers that explores the issues concerning the rapid population growth in federal prisons.


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Mr. James’ 60-page PDF report entitled The Federal Prison Population Buildup: Overview, Policy Changes, Issues, and Options is being offered for download at the NIC website.




[heading style=”1″]The Risk/Need Assessment on Sexual Offender Recidivism[/heading]


The National Institute of Corrections  has also published a study called The Predictive Validity of a General Risk/Needs Assessment Inventory on Sexual Offender Recidivism and an Exploration of the Professional Override.



The study is authored by J. Stephen Wormith, Sarah Hogg and Lina Guzzo in the pdf version. Podcast version was authored by J. Stephen Wormith and Natalie. Katz. The studies can be downloaded at the NIC website.


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